American Dystopia – Obama’s Demolition of America

American Dystopia – Obama’s Demolition of America


nation- (nay-shuhn) – n. 1) a large body of people, associated with a particular territory, that is sufficiently conscious of its unity, to seek or to possess a government, peculiarly its own; 2) the territory or country itself, separated by borders.


Last night, at 8:00 pm EST, the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, announced that he is going to sign an executive order which begins the unravelling of our nation. Despite his dubious and pejorative claims as to presidential precedence, it is the first time in our nation’s history that a chief executive has taken it upon himself to declare that a law no longer exists, without supporting legislation to do so. In effect, he has unilaterally decided that he will cease and desist with the deportation of over one-third of the aliens who have entered this country illegally, and he has done so without regards to Congress, the electorate and the wishes of the American people.


He has done this in spite of all of the aliens who have entered this country legally, and all of the immigrants who have played by the rules in the hope of attaining full citizenship in the United States.


In a word, he has done this with complete contempt, and total disregard, for the American people.


In effect, he has opened the floodgates of even more illegal entry than ever before, along with its resulting humanitarian crises and, in so doing, he has effectively eliminated the national sovereignty of the United States of America.


We should not be surprised by any of this.


After all, he was elected, and re-elected, largely by margins made up of illegal and multiple voting (remember ACORN?) He has done this in the hopes of geometrically expanding a voting bloc which he has deigned to broaden legislative control by his own Democratic Party. He has done this as a cynical stunt to goad the GOP into a possible governmental shutdown and/or impeachment proceedings- knowing full well that such moves would largely serve to encourage further resentment of the Republican legislators, in spite of the recent and nationwide Republican landslides in the last two mid-term elections. In effect, he has raised his middle finger to the Republicans, in general, and a majority of those who voted in 2014, specifically.




Barack Obama is part of an effete and elitist cadre of academics who, having been indoctrinated in radical ideology, disdain the concept of national identity. These radicals, who have infected college and university campuses across the country, inherently believe:


  1. That the United States is the source of most, if not all, of the world’s ills;
  2. That anyone should be allowed to cast a ballot, without regards to citizenship;
  3. That the borders of the United States should be open, and that anyone and everyone should be allowed to enter this country and avail themselves of all of our government’s largesse- be it welfare, healthcare and education (both of which they believe should be free for all);
  4. and, by effect, that the United States should be marginalized to the level of a third-world nation, as punishment for its perceived sins of the past.
  5. Everything this president has done in office is completely and irrefutively commensurate with this twisted, albeit, prevalent mindset which has taken over academia, and is now meandering its way down to the elementary and secondary schools, as well. One look at the Common Core curriculum of today, juxtaposed against the curriculum that prior generations were taught, bears out this fact, in due course.

Left unchecked, the end result of these endeavors, by the President of the United States and his academic allies, will surely bring about the utter demolition of the United States as we know it, and usher in an era of American Dystopia- a society in which no sane person would ever wish to inhabit, and thus subject the watching world into an abyss from which there will be no one capable of extricating mankind, as a result.


-Drew Nickell, 21 November 2014

© 2014 by Drew Nickell, all rights reserved

An Extremely “Foreign” Policy


An Extremely “Foreign” Policy


Last week’s missile attack on Malaysia Flight 17, near the Russian-Ukrainian border which caused the death of 298 innocent and unsuspecting people, was part and parcel of the proxy war that Russia has been conducting, in efforts to reincarnate the Soviet Union. Vladimir Putin, well-schooled in the clandestine arts when he was an agent with the KGB, plays a deadly game of wit and parry, using separatists to lay siege to a sovereign Ukrainian nation, fully arming these separatists, providing enhanced training and, allegedly, also providing Russian troops and equipment, conveniently devoid of any Russian military insignia on either.


Keep in mind that while not a full-fledged member of NATO, Ukraine has been a fully-fledged member of NATO’s Partnership for Peace, having signed the NATO-Ukraine Action Plan in 2002, which essentially obligates NATO to treat Ukraine as a de facto partner in the event of outside aggression.


When Russia essentially annexed the Crimean peninsula in February 2014, Ukraine’s most southern and strategically-important region, NATO responded, vis-à-vis the United States (nothing happens in NATO without the United States taking the lead), responded by providing MREs – Meals Ready to Eat- and nothing else. On face value this is, at best, a feckless initiative on the part of the Obama administration to tacitly show support for Ukrainian sovereignty. In fact, however, Vladimir Putin has nothing to fear from NATO with Obama as president of its strongest member, when this is the only support we are willing to provide.


Why is the relevant? Well first of all, it brings to mind a comment made by Barack Obama to then- outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, in March of 2012, not realizing that the microphone was still turned on, where he said, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

To this, Medvedev replied, “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir,” presumably referring to then-incoming Russian president Vladimir Putin.


Now to any observer, this would suggest that Barack Obama was, in effect, telling his Russian counterpart that, following the 2012 Election, he would be in a better position to go along with what has turned out to be a nefarious design on the part of Putin, to take a more-aggressive stance in Eastern Europe, which is exactly what happened, beginning with Russia’s annexation of Crimea in March of this year.


Now, we have a situation where a civilian airliner, en route from the Netherlands to Malaysia is shot down out of the sky by an extremely sophisticated Russian SAM (surface-to-air missile) and Obama’s response screams in its tepidness and lack of moral outrage. Even his UN ambassador, Samantha Power, hardly anything but a pacifist herself, expressed an admirable level of outrage in demanding Russia to “end this war”, while on the very same afternoon, Obama played his oft-used moral equivalency card saying it was up to Russia, the separatists and the Ukrainians to come to the table and seek an agreement to end the hostilities- in other words intoning that all were equally to blame, which is a lie, plain and simple.


Compare, for a moment, Obama’s response and his insistence to follow through on attending yet another fundraiser in New York, to President Ronald Reagan’s response to Russia’s downing of Korea Air Lines Flight 007 in 1983, and it is easy to see the difference between political expediency and fecklessness on the part of Barack Obama, as opposed to Reagan’s moral clarity and righteous determination to call out Russian aggression for what it is.


In short, if this is what Obama meant, promising “more flexibility” to Medvedev and Putin, back in 2012, then it is certainly not a stretch to say that this is an extremely “foreign” policy- foreign to the American tradition of righteousness and moral clarity. By its effects, the Obama administration is thereby complicit in its tolerance of the reincarnation of the evil empire whose demise President Reagan worked so hard to achieve, and it is to our peril that Obama so dithers.


-Drew Nickell, 21 July 2014


© 2014 by Drew Nickell, all rights reserved

2015- The Look Ahead

2015- The Look Ahead


The holidays have now passed and we have returned to the realm of five-day workweeks, dietary come-uppances, weather that bites, and epidemic influenza- all attesting to the cruelty that is, and always has been, the month of January, God help us.


Congress has returned to the nation’s capital. Speaker John Boehner has survived a nominal challenge to his leadership, while Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has suffered an electoral blow that must have felt very much like the actual blows he received as a result of his exercise equipment, whose resistance band knocked him for quite a blow, as well. He’ll still be in the Senate, but without the power to obstruct legislation that is sent from the House. This means that President Obama will be tasked with the onus of either:

1. signing Republican bills, many of which will have some Democrat support, such as Keystone Pipeline and ACA Medical Device Tax Elimination;


2. vetoing such legislation that will expose him to charges of obstructionism that he hasn’t ever had to face, before.


Well, Mr. President, it’s time for you to “man-up” and stop hiding behind the skirts of Harry Reid, who won’t be in a position to cover for you, going forward.


The Republicans are in a position to actually govern, BUT they will have to “man up” as well. Doing so means that they will have to defund the President’s recent executive order which effectively legalized illegal immigration- and there is no doubt this will require the kind of political courage not seen in recent decades. The same goes for (Supreme Court rulings notwithstanding) replacing or amending the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), to alleviate the most economically-onerous parts of the bill that legislators, many even on the Democrat sides of the aisles, wish they hadn’t passed, after all. Republicans might even have to resort to pulling on the President’s purse strings (again, something that hasn’t been done in memory) in order to keep the excesses of this all-too-excessive president in check.


The major media will continue its Quixote-like quest to make Obama out to be a great president, in spite of the fact that he isn’t, or ever will be, a great, or even a good president. Nevertheless, they’ll stay in the tank for their “dear leader”, if for no other reason, to facilitate their entry into “Tank Hillary”, soon to open in a campaign near you. Allegations that her husband is still philandering around (this time with minors) won’t have any more ill-effect on her campaign than her refusal to comply with Rep. Trey Gowdy’s subpoena for her Benghazi documents, because the major media has already decided they’re in for Hillary, both to be nominated and elected- so much for what passes for journalism in these United States.


We will hear much about so-called “moderate Democrats” having to stave off the efforts of “extremist Republicans” because that is what the media keeps shoveling at us and we, for the most part, aren’t so up on things as to determine that which is being shoveled- the very same, in substance, to that which is shoveled out of the stables at Pimlico. That’s what happens when an electorate stops voting their heads, and votes their hearts, instead, as they have done in every election since 2008, save for the most recent which took place last November. The media let the 2014 election get by them- but they won’t risk it next time around, to be sure. Whoever the Republicans nominate in 2016, he or she will be labeled an “extremist” by a mainstream media who amazingly proffers New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Senator Elizabeth Warren as moderates. Such is the state of our fourth estate.


Sadly, the situations a-brewing overseas will continue to grow worse- much worse- partially due to an effete, nuanced and altogether feckless foreign policy that Professor Obama espouses- he’ll go to his grave thinking that America is not exceptional, after all, and he has spent all of his presidency attempting to ensure just that. As the result of his selective approach to law enforcement, and his commentary regarding same, there will unfortunately be a continuation of racial unrest, here at home, not seen since the late 1960’s- ironic that the nation’s first African-American president and his Attorney General have only served to inflame racial hatreds that most of us had thought were put to bed two generations ago.


That said, Happy New Year to one, and all…


-Drew Nickell, 6 January 2015


© 2015 by Drew Nickell, all rights reserved



Border- \ˈbȯr-dər\ n.

Border-  1. the part or edge of a surface or area that forms its outer boundary; 2. the linethat separates one country, state, province, etc., from another; frontier line: i.e. One cannot cross the border without a visa; 3. the district or region that lies along the boundary line of another; 4. the frontier of civilization; 5. the border: i.e. the border between the U.S. and Mexico, especially along the Rio Grande     (source

It is often said that America is a nation of immigrants. Even Native Americans migrated from Asia, to the land that eventually became the United States, centuries before Europeans first arrived. America has always been the place to which people come- and all for the same reason.


Exactly twenty years prior to the very day my mother was born, my grandfather arrived on Ellis Island in 1901, having immigrated to this country from a small village in Sicily, at the age of ten, with exactly twenty-five cents in his pocket. He was accompanied only by his older brother (who was twelve years old), as an “installment”. In those days, the father would come over with the eldest son, work here in America to save up enough money for the second installment, of his family, and then the third, and so on, until at last my great grandmother came with this youngest member of their family- a process that took eight years to complete. Their story was repeated millions of times during the years 1892- 1954, by people from all parts of the world, who came here in search of a better life than they had experienced in the places they left behind. They worked hard, learned to speak English and assimilated into a new and emerging American culture, leaving the trappings of their old country behind. Every single individual who was admitted through this port of entry did so legally.


“Legally”- that is the real issue of immigration. A country without borders is NOT a country, plain and simple, as the definition above clearly states. Politicizing the issue of immigration is nothing new. The “copperheads” of the 1850’s did their level best to discourage Irish immigration (including my father’s maternal grandparents). Then as my mother’s father was immigrating, there were all types of concerns regarding immigrants from southern and eastern Europe. Politicians have also exploited the new arrivals, promising all sorts of jobs and benefits in exchange for votes which kept them in office (i.e. Tammany Hall). History substantiates the fact that such exploitation has been the exclusive purview of the Democratic Party going back well into the 19th Century.


Today, we have many politicians from the very same Democratic Party wishing to exploit immigrants from our southern borders, in the very same manner… “come here, we’ll take care of you, we’ll give you low paying jobs, and medical care and education for your children…all to a greater degree than you will get from your homes in Mexico and Central America” seems to be the mantra from far too many of these leftist opportunists who really don’t give a damn about their country, just their precious office seats, instead. The difference nowadays is that these politicians couldn’t care less whether these immigrants come here within, or outside, the law. They smugly know that somehow, these poor people will eventually become voters, citizenship not necessary, not really, not eventually- their precinct cronies will see to that. If they bring communicable diseases, “so what? …we have got the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) that’ll handle it…” Meanwhile, the humanitarian crisis taking place in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas continues on at an accelerated place “but don’t blame Obama – it’s George Bush’s fault.” George Bush’s fault for signing legislation passed by both Houses of Congress (at the time, both houses in the control of Democrats) as a means to stop child sex trafficking. Never underestimate the power of liberals to play the part of that hockey goalie, which fends off every shot and blames it on the GOP.


And yet…. While the problem festers in the real world, a world created by Barack Obama and his continued refusal to enforce immigration law, thus turning our US Border Patrol into a vast day-care center, the President couldn’t give enough of a damn to even visit the beleaguered border, opting instead to raise money for his party in Texas on this very day. He is exploiting this crisis, and the unfortunate children pouring across the border, in an effort to secure more money from Congress without bothering to include in his request funding necessary to better secure the border- all because he didn’t get the “Dream Act” he wanted, and all because he hasn’t gotten the immigration reforms that he wants- the kind of reforms that will only ensure more voter registrants to Democratic party, borders be damned. In essence, our borders will never be secure until such time as the “boarders” at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue have relocated, thus ending another example of how President Barrack Hussein Obama is in direct violation of his oath of office by refusing to uphold the Constitution, the laws of his country, and common decency.


-Drew Nickell, 9 July 2014


© 2014 by Drew Nickell, all rights reserved

Selective Disservice

Selective Disservice


Let us begin with the concept of law. We have oft heard it said that we are a “Nation of Laws” and not a “Nation of Men”. According to our Constitution, the legislative branch enacts our laws, through a designedly complicated process, the executive branch upholds and enforces our laws, and the judiciary interprets our laws- the perfect balance in an imperfect process- that is what America is supposed to be about- not only in design and theory, but also in practice, as well. It has stood the test of time, albeit with bumps in the road, for two hundred twenty-five years. Whenever one branch of government has fallen short of its duties, there have always been two other branches to counter the shortfall, and so we have thus survived, both as a nation and as a form of representative government. To ensure this continuity, there has also been the “fourth estate”- essentially, a free press to keep the people informed of what is taking place with regards to our government- the operative word being “our”.


Then, again…


Today, we have arrived upon a circumstance where this delicate balance is breaking down with such a velocity, either by incompetence or nefarious intent, which truly boggles the mind. Stymied by partisanship and what I will refer to as “all-too-precious incumbency”, Congress is at a standoff between a Republican-led House of Representatives who propose laws and a Democrat-led Senate who refuses to take under consideration. Then, we have an administration which has shown a propensity to re-write laws (i.e. Affordable Care Act- a.k.a. ObamaCare) , ignore laws (i.e. Defense of Marriage Act) with which it disagrees, and misappropriate laws (i.e. William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act – intended to deal with human trafficking and contains a section that deals with children arriving in the U.S. illegally, unaccompanied by an adult, from Central America) in order to pressure Congress into enacting dubious legislation that will do nothing to ameliorate the border crisis so well underway. We have an attorney general who selectively enforces the laws, and then selectively ignores those same laws, based solely on his own political and racial prejudices which apply to the situation. For instance, Attorney General Holder launched a thorough investigation into the Trevon Martin case, and has summarily refused to investigate what has become an epidemic “knockout game” in cities across America, which is primarily a black-on-white crime spree. Recently, he has also launched an investigation into an outhouse float in a Nebraska parade which mocked a would-be future Obama presidential library, but refuses to seriously pursue IRS targeting of conservative political groups, and the resulting felonious destruction of evidence by those subject to investigation. He has shown a propensity to investigate voting district realignments all over the country, duly enacted through state legislatures, but ignored voter fraud which took place in both the 2008 and 2012 elections, as well as videotaped voter intimidation in Philadelphia by the new Black Panther organization.


On sixteen (as of the last count) occasions thus far, the United States Supreme Court has ruled on several different attempts by the Obama Administration to either re-write or summarily create laws, and improperly appoint officials without Senate confirmation. Our foreign policy is at best, a mish-mash of incongruous and feeble attempts to address increasingly volatile and incendiary situations all over the world. The economy is in a shambles, subject to repeated ex post facto revisions of rosy quarterly reports that suggest the opposite, despite the fact that fifty million are on EBT assistance, and the unemployed and under-employed rate is approaching 25%- when those who have dropped off the statistical counting rosters are included. And that’s just the beginning….


Where is the press? Aside from Fox News and only a handful of newspapers around the country, we remain virtually uninformed of what is taking place in the halls of Washington, in cities and towns across America, at our borders, and beyond. What used to be a free press has largely become a propaganda machine for the Obama administration- most notably evidenced when one weighs the amount of coverage of “Bridge-gate” as it compares to the amount of coverage given to the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, COMBINED….




In short, there is plenty of blame to go around, no doubt, but we recall what Shakespeare once wrote in Act I, Scene 2 of “Julius Caesar” when Cassius says to Brutus:


“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings..”


Unless and until we ourselves hold our elected officials accountable, for both their actions and inactions, nothing, nothing will change and it is to our own peril that we stay silent, uninformed, and disinterested, thus rendering a disservice to ourselves and our posterity.


-Drew Nickell, 17 July 2014


©2014 by Drew Nickell, all rights reserved

The Seeds of Impeachment

The Seeds of Impeachment


Every mighty tree that ever grew began as a seed, which buried in the soil sprouted a tap root that began to spread into branches of that tap root. Then, its sprout penetrated upward, the ground’s surface, and likewise began to grow into a trunk which sprouted branches, until the tree dwarfed the seed of its origin.


In a similar matter, every time in our history that the “tree” of impeachment, or a potential of impeachment grew, it started as a “seed”, covered up in dirt and began to sprout the roots of discontent, and the branches of dishonesty bore the fruit of impeachment.


Forty years ago, a 1972 burglary of the Democratic National Committee grew into a scandal of cover-up that caused Richard Nixon to resign his presidency. The articles of impeachment that had been drawn up had nothing to do with the actual break-in, and everything to do with the lengths to which Nixon and members of his administration to cover up, and obstruct the investigation appertaining thereto.


Sixteen years ago, Bill Clinton was impeached, on two counts of perjury, and one count each of abuse of power and obstruction of justice, which grew out of the seeds of the Whitewater real estate investment scandals, sexual harassment of Paula Jones, and ultimately, fellatio performed on the President in the Oval Office by Monica Lewinsky. The actual articles of impeachment had nothing to do with semen on Lewinsky’s dress, and everything to do with the fact that Clinton perjured himself in a deposition to a grand jury and he attempted to obstruct justice in the investigation of Whitewater.


By comparison to Nixon’s Watergate break-in, and Clinton’s Whitewater investment scandal/ sexual peccadillos- comparatively small seeds in terms of their effects on the American public, the Obama administration has engaged in the process of planting numerous, much larger seeds that are just beginning to sprout tap roots in what might well grow into a veritable grove of impeachment trees.


The Veterans Health Administration, in their false record keeping and delays of services, those being systematically covered up, that have caused and continue to cause actual deaths of veterans awaiting medical services, is but one of these trees.


The ATF gun walking scandal, also known as Fast and Furious, which resulted in the death of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, has already resulted in formal charges of contempt for Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, by the House of Representatives, for failing to provide Congress with subpoenaed documents.


Then there is the Benghazi Raid, and the failure of Hillary Clinton’s State Department to provide adequate security to the consulate in Libya, that resulted in the deaths of our Ambassador, Christopher Stevens and three others, and the attempt to fabricate a false narrative of a video to hide both the President’s and Secretary’s culpability in their refusal to provide adequate security before the raid, and rescue operations during the raid, all because Obama was in the midst of a re-election campaign whose narrative was that the “Arab spring was a success and Al-Quada is on the run”, both of which were not true. These three scandals, unlike Nixon’s and Clinton’s scandals, have actually resulted in the deaths of Americans.


And then there is the IRS targeting of conservative organizations applying for 501(c)(4) tax exemptions, originally and falsely blamed on rogue operatives in the IRA Cincinnati office, which have now been traced to the IRS Headquarters in Washington. The former Commissioner of the IRS, Doug Shulman, went to the White House 138 times during his tenure- when the targeting was going on but, in Congressional testimony, said that he could only recall an Easter egg hunt as the reason for one of these visits- and could not remember why he went there on the other 137 occasions. Then two years after Lois Lerner’s e-mails were subpoenaed by Congress, these e-mails suddenly have vanished into thin air, due to a hard drive crash, and the subsequent disposal of the computer’s hard drive conveniently waylaying and preventing investigation into e-mails the Lerner had sent to government entities outside the Treasury Department- e-mails which might otherwise have revealed IRS communication to other government entities, like OSHA and the FBI, which also launched investigations into businesses run by taxpayers who supported these same conservative organizations. Also noteworthy was the fact that seven other IRS officials, being tied to the IRS abuse scandals, also somehow had the ‘misfortune” of hard drive crashes and lost e-mails. All the while, Obama insists that there is not smidgen of corruption in this arena.


Despite the fact that the major media has refused to acknowledge these scandals as anything but phony scandals and Republican partisan witch hunts, and despite the efforts of Democratic House members who toe the same line for the Obama administration, these scandals are very real, in some cases deadly, and, in the case of the IRS, affect thousands of Americans, both in and outside our government. Worse yet, there are other instances of either incompetence or outright dishonesty, that are threatening the ability of President Obama to lead our nation in very troubled times, both here and around the world. Even some of Obama’s supporters in the media, cognizant of his declining approval numbers, are beginning to see that his ability to lead the country has all but ended. Such a diminishment of his moral authority, left unchecked, will ultimately result in public outcry for further investigations and impeachment, which can be accelerated with a Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate in November.


As these scandals grow branches, and begin to bear ill fruit, coupled with the stagnant economy and troubles abroad, Obama is unwittingly and steadily fertilizing the seeds of his own demise, and the danger is that all of us will be forced to dine upon the fruits of his own design.


-Drew Nickell, 20 June 2014


©2014, by Drew Nickell, all rights reserved




In “Julius Caesar”, Act I, Scene 1, William Shakespeare wrote “Beware the Ides of March…”, but it is the “ides” of April which terrorize and traumatize taxpayers across the country. April 15th, the day Federal Tax Returns are due, is a day in which no tax-paying citizen can cherish. We should know. All told, we paid just under $39,000 in income and income-based taxes, and we only earn in the five figures, which means that, taken together- Federal, Social Security, State, Medicare, etc., almost 49% of what we earned got gobbled up by the government, at one level or another- and that does not include the sales taxes we pay when we purchase anything, or the real estate taxes on our home, or the personal property taxes on our automobile. Is that fair? If you say yes, then you are either an idiotic socialist who believes we did not earn that money, despite the fact that we have been working our fat keister off since we were a teenager, or you believe that we are merely a slave to the government, and not an individual who is guaranteed the pursuit of happiness, as stated in the Declaration of Independence.


Okay- enough of our personal rant, except to say that we, as a nation, are over-taxed…WAAAAYYYY over-taxed. When one considers the tens of thousands of pages of tax code that exists here in the United States, such an enormous kluster-phuck of confiscatory and, in some cases, exculpatory tax code is, by definition, inherently corrupt. Were it not so complex, it would not be corrupt, either.


The various lobbies- in particular the CPA lobby, the ABA lobby, the tax attorney lobby are what is getting in the way of tax reform. Why? They want it to be as complex, corrupt and kluster-phucked as possible because the more complex, corrupt and kluster-phucked it is, the more business they can generate, as a result of it being so.


The fact that the average American needs professional help, in preparing his/her tax return, bears witness to this inherent corruption. It should be as easy as reporting one’s income, reporting one’s withheld taxes, indicating the tax actually owed from a table, and either sending or receiving a check to make up the difference- all on the back of a postcard, BUT that would endanger the livelihoods of CPAs, attorneys (particularly tax attorneys) and their continued greasing of the hands of politicians in Washington will ensure evermore complication and kluster-phuck with every passing tax year- that is, unless REAL change is made.


Then, again, there is the IRS targeting of conservative organizations applying for 501(c)(4) tax exemptions, originally and falsely blamed on rogue operatives in the IRA Cincinnati office, which have now been traced to the IRS Headquarters in Washington. The former Commissioner of the IRS, Doug Shulman, went to the White House 138 times during his tenure- when the targeting was going on but, in Congressional testimony, said that he could only recall an Easter egg hunt as the reason for one of these visits- and could not remember why he went there on the other 137 occasions. Then two years after Lois Lerner’s e-mails were subpoenaed by Congress, these e-mails suddenly have vanished into thin air, due to a hard drive crash, and the subsequent disposal of the computer’s hard drive conveniently waylaying and preventing investigation into e-mails the Lerner had sent to government entities outside the Treasury Department- e-mails which might otherwise have revealed IRS communication to other government entities, like OSHA and the FBI, which also launched investigations into businesses run by taxpayers who supported these same conservative organizations. Also noteworthy was the fact that seven other IRS officials, being tied to the IRS abuse scandals, also somehow had the ‘misfortune” of hard drive crashes and lost e-mails. All the while, Obama insists that there is “not smidgen of corruption” in this arena. Well, this wouldn’t be the first time President Obama has played fast and loose with the truth and it won’t be the last, either.


So what to do? Eliminate all income taxes. Eliminate all estate taxes (which fall particularly hard on family businesses and family farms). Eliminate entirely the corporate tax which, at its current level, is the world’s highest (which is why so much of our wealth is disappearing overseas). Eliminate all forms of taxes, as they exist today, and replace them all with consumption taxes. The rich will pay more taxes, because the rich buy more products and services, and tax consumption at every level so that there is no exemption and no way of getting around the consumption taxes. If the rich choose to try to circumvent this consumption tax by purchasing their products overseas, then they can also pay the import duties when they bring these goods back to the United States. This would, by design, ensure that everyone, EVERYONE pays “their fair share” and would also ensure that a progressive tax system (meaning the rich pay more) applies to everyone, with no exceptions, no loopholes, no deductions and, at long last, no tax return preparation….and NO IRS (as we know it, today).


The candidate and the party who espouses this will have our vote in 2016. And we hope that such a candidate and party has your vote, too.


-Drew Nickell, 17 April 2015


©2015, by Drew Nickell, all rights reserved

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