Looking Back in the Year 2130

Looking back in the Year 2130


Everyone who reads this today will be long gone in 2130, so to indulge this, please put on the “imagination cap” and pretend, for a moment, that you are your great grandchild and the year is 2130. You are pondering events of the previous century…

“A century ago, Americans were deeply divided along racial, religious and philosophical lines- to an extent that they hadn’t been in many decades. Fifty years after major civil rights legislation had been passed under the administration of Lyndon Johnson, Americans once again found themselves increasingly polarized on the issues of racial and ethnic coexistence…

Having elected its first African-American president, largely because of his race, and its first woman president, largely because of her sex, Americans had then elected their first Hispanic president, largely because of his ethnicity, and then elected their first openly gay president, largely because of his sexual preference. Yet, because each of these “identity” presidents chose to place emphasis on their own identity group, at the expense of the larger country as a whole, America slipped into a chain of events which figuratively and literally tore the country apart…

2130 USA

Today, in 2130, what had been the United States of America is now divided into four separate nations, following a second American Civil War which tore the country apart- those being the (northeastern) Socialist Republic of America, the (western) Nacion’ de America Hispanica, the (southeastern) Federal Republic of America, and the (central, upper midwestern ) Islamic State of America. Following the second American Civil War, fought in the years 2036-2040, there occurred a mass migration, largely upon ethnic and philosophical lines…

Encouraged by events taking place in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, radical Islamists migrated to the central and upper Midwestern part of what had been the United States, established their capital in Minneapolis, and renamed it Obamastan after the forty-fourth president. They enacted Sharia Law and virtually all of the people in these regions are Muslims. Women must cover their faces in public, and are not afforded the right to vote, nor leave their homes unescorted…

Increasing immigration of Mexicans and Central Americans to the southwestern and western portions of what had been the United States, Hispanics voted in separate referenda to secede from the United States and established their own capital in Los Angeles. Spanish was declared the official language in these areas…

Conservative and Christian Americans, who were facing increasing intolerance before, and after, the war, migrated to what had been the southeastern United States, setting up their government in Atlanta. Foreign-born Christians, seeking asylum from Islamic governments in Europe and Asia, were grudgingly admitted into the ports of Miami, Hampton Roads and New Orleans, prompting a significant increase in population in the southeast. There was also a notable migration of Israelis, who had miraculously survived their war with Iran, forced to leave what had been their homeland in the Middle East…

LGBT Americans, realizing that remaining in the central and Midwestern regions would mean capital punishment, largely migrated east, along with many socialist and academic liberals (also not tolerated in the Islamic States), establishing a new, single-party government in what had been Washington, DC, and changed the name of this city to Alinskygrad, named after Saul Alinsky, the creator of community activism and author of “Rules for Radicals”. Christianity was outlawed in this area, as was gun ownership, and citizens remaining there were forced to sign an oath repudiating the Constitution of the United States as well as all forms of conservativism…

Each of these newly formed republics continue to struggle with inter-regional trade and commercial issues, but it appears that a trade agreement is currently in the works between the southeastern Federal Republic of the United States and the Nacion’ de America Hispanica, since both tolerate religious freedom, and have agreed to bi-lingual labeling of products going in and out of both nations…”


 *                             *                            *


Back to 2015… Think about the scenario described above and ask yourself whether such a scenario is good for America and how this might happen- assuming the world survives. If you take issue with this scenario, then challenge yourself to make sure that this does not happen, based on what you do, today, tomorrow, and in the near future.

-Drew Nickell. 26 May 2015

© 2015 by Drew Nickell, all rights reserved

Presidential Self-Esteem

Presidential Self-Esteem


“There is no limit to what a man can do, or where he can go, if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.” – Ronald Wilson Reagan, Fortieth President of the United States


One of the intangible qualities that separate the great presidents from the rest of our presidents is an abiding sense of humility- the idea that whatever a president (or, for that matter, any leader) achieves, is the result of long hours and hard work, done by others, in pursuit of the greater good. Ronald Reagan had it. George Washington had it. Abraham Lincoln had it. Even George W. Bush and his father, George H. W. Bush, though certainly not great presidents, per se, still had an abiding sense of humility in the way they approached their respective tenures as president.


Barack Obama, quite simply, does not, which is the principal reason why he will never achieve greatness, period.


Certainly, there have been other presidents (actually, most presidents) who have missed the mark of greatness, largely as the result of either: grave misfortune (i.e. John F. Kennedy), perjury (i.e. Bill Clinton), impeachment (i.e. Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson), incompetence (i.e. Jimmy Carter), dishonesty (i.e. Richard Nixon), bad timing (i.e. Herbert Hoover), or, even in some cases, outright corruption (i.e. Warren Harding). Yet, when it comes to the absolute avoidance of greatness, nothing ensures lack of greatness like an over-abundance of self-esteem, in which history is replete with examples, going back millennia.


Barack Obama is nothing, if not arrogantly egotistical to the point of pathos.


It’s not entirely his fault, however. After all,


  • When a young man is awarded academic honors, befitting far more deserving students who actually display academic promise, it’s no wonder that such a man begins to believe that he is the smartest thing on two legs. Anyone who has experience working with Obama will tell you that he acts like he is the smartest one in the room.


  • When a man is elected to the nation’s highest office, without having achieved anything tangible to merit such a political victory, it’ s not a stretch to understand that such a man begins to believe that his sense of greatness is self-evident. Obama is awash in his own sense of greatness.


  • When a man is awarded, for instance, a Nobel Prize for Peace, for having done nothing (other than to besmirch his own country on a post-election “apology” international speaking tour) to earn such distinction, it’s not surprising that than the man’s head might swell up a bit, or in Obama’s case, a lot.


  • When a man is re-elected to that highest office, with the assistance of a fawning mass media who works, along with his campaign, to marginalize and discredit his opposition, and to gloss over any shortcomings (and there were many) during the incumbent’s first term, it’s no surprise that such a man begins to take on the trappings of a celebrity teen idol- and let’s be honest about this… Barack Obama is so saturated with adoration all around him, it’s no wonder he acts like an older version of Justin Bieber…..


So, even if Barack Obama achieved something… anything… of substance while in office, his own self-adoration would take away from such achievement. Even if the policies which he advocates were deemed to be truly beneficial to the United States, or even tangibly contributed to the peace and security of the free world, his ego would belittle such advocacy.


So it is with these thoughts in mind that we should consider his statement that he alone has “improved the Unites States’ standing in the world” and that American prestige and respect in the world “is at an all-time high”, when quite the opposite is true. Such statements are the sad utterings of an uber-narcissist, completely divorced from any sense of reality.



Our friends do not trust us, our enemies do not fear us and, Barack Obama, in six short years, has in fact, “fundamentally transformed the United States of America” from Reagan’s “Shining City on a Hill” to the international equivalent of “Comedy Central”, whose audience includes Russia, China, Iran, Syria, ISIS and host of other bad actors who are rolling in the aisles of Obama’s pathetic theater- the “Theater of the Absurd”. Send in the clowns, folks, be it Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or Martin O’Malley. After all, what else is left for us to lose?


-Drew Nickell, 3 June 2015


© 2015 by Drew Nickell, all rights reserved

Religious Indoctrination in Our Public Schools

Religious Indoctrination in Our Public Schools


It sounds so un-American, but it is happening in every state of the union- religious indoctrination being forced, yes forced, upon our children and grandchildren, in public schools across the country. Not since the landmark Supreme Court decisions in 1962 (Engel v. Vitale) and 1963 (Murray v. Curlett), has religious proselytizing been officially permitted in public schools, when these cases brought an end to school prayer and Bible reading, respectively. Yet, in the last decade, religious indoctrination has been taking place in public schools across the country.


The religion being force-fed upon our youth is not Catholicism (which isn’t even “force fed”, per se, in Catholic schools). Nor is it any form of Protestantism, nor any other form of Christianity, nor Judaism, nor even any form of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, nor even agnosticism nor atheism. None of these monotheistic, nor polytheistic, nor antitheistic religions is being taught in our public schools… none.


Nevertheless, a growing religious doctrine is not only being taught, but also being proselytized and forcibly being indoctrinated upon our youth today, and any heresy being spoken, or written, or even being otherwise mentioned is responded to with disciplinary action, censure and even failing grades.


This is the religion of manmade climate change, formerly known as the religion of man-made global warming, most notably being advanced by former Vice President Al Gore and international so-called scientists who advance their dubious theories in a disingenuous effort to acquire government funding for their continued research, and their insidious and clandestine efforts to destroy western capitalism as we know it.


The tenants of this religion, which are being forced-fed-as-fact upon our youth, include dubious data about global warming (not proved), man-made climate change (unsubstantiated) and the proposition that the United States is the principal culprit, when it is clearly obvious that Russia, China, India and other countries are far more polluting than the United States, where regulations concerning atmospheric output are far more stringent than the other countries listed. Once again, the loony liberal left is first to blame America, and American capitalism, than pointing their fabricated fingers at the real culprits, who regularly spew atmospheric pollutants in the globe’s eastern hemisphere. (Funny how it is always the United States which liberals always like to blame, first). In reality, those who advocate extreme measures concerning carbon footprints and related and onerous corporate taxation, based upon these theories, really only seek the imposition of global socialism- they just don’t want you to know it.


The fact is that the climate IS changing, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the United States, nor human activity, in any country, for that matter. The worldwide climate has gone through many eons of warming and cooling, for millennia, long before primal man discovered how to warm himself, and cook his food, and harden and sharpen his spears, with fire. Even since man’s arrival, the world has experienced a multitude of ice ages and periods of global warming, just as the ocean tides ebb and flow. To suggest that man can cause any of this, is egotistical at best, and pure fantasy at worst, and yet there are those who say that “climate change deniers” should be silenced, censured and even imprisoned, which shows the real and tangible hypocrisy that only liberals can truly evoke, in their quest to indoctrinate the generation who follows us into adulthood. Unbelievable?…Just try and suggest that these supposed “facts” of man-made climate change are merely theories that have not been empirically proved, to a high school or college student today, and they will reply as though you have just told them that the earth is flat, or that the sun revolves around the earth.


Certainly, mankind, being the most intelligent species on earth (some of these loons would even argue that point, by the way), has a custodial responsibility to practice good housekeeping with regards to our planet, but to take this to the extreme of destroying wholesale economies and food supplies in order to pacify the dictates of environmental extremists in government, academia and the world politick is patently suicidal, immoral and without justification, period.


Heresy, you say?…so be it…Go ahead and burn me at the stake, if you will, but watch that carbon footprint, if you do….


-Drew Nickell, 29 May 2015


© 2015 by Drew Nickell, all rights reserved

Pondering the Impossible (thank God) if I were President

Pondering the Impossible (thank God) if I were President….


Many of my liberal friends would produce a considerable amount of emesis, were yours truly ever elected President of the United States….change that…many of my conservative AND liberal friends would…..change that….ALL of my friends would produce a considerable amount of emesis were yours truly ever elected President of the United States….


Because it will never happen, relax sports fans….


But what if…what would I do during my term of office….


First, I would send to Congress a bill that would, in effect, outlaw lobbying of all public officials who have been elected to federal office. It’s very difficult to clean up a brothel, if you don’t rid the establishment of the whores as well as their johns…and the time has come to put public service back into public service.


Second, I would send a bill to Congress that would limit service in the U.S. House of Representatives to three consecutive terms, limit service in the U.S. Senate to two consecutive terms, and limit appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court to twenty years. This would put an end to the “same old, same old”…


Third, I would send a bill to Congress, effectively ending all foreign aid and investment to any country which does not guarantee freedom of religion, universal suffrage and due process of law. You want our money, then adopt our freedoms, period.


Fourth, I would send a bill to Congress, effectively ending all aid and financial support to the United Nations OR limit such aid and support to a dollar amount equal to the average aid and support given to the UN by all of the remaining countries who are members of the UN. We shouldn’t be paying the lion’s share of a club that treats us as though we were non-members.


Fifth, I would send a bill to Congress, effectively announcing a comprehensive trade embargo on the nations of Iran, North Korea, Syria and any other nation who violates the international nuclear proliferation accords, and cease and desist from financially aiding and investing in any nation who would continue to trade with these countries. You are either with us or against us, and we put money where our interests are well served, period.


Sixth, I would send a bill to Congress, effectively ending all individual, corporate and estate taxes, entirely, and replace this with a consumption tax at all levels of commerce, instead. Attached to this bill would be funding for the tax attorneys and certified public accounts who would find themselves out of work as a result of this legislation, because to have a system requiring their assistance is in, and of, itself, inherently corrupt.


Seventh, I would send a bill to Congress eliminating the Departments of Commerce, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Veterans Affairs, Agriculture, Interior, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, and Homeland Security as well as the EPA. As part of this legislation, I would turn all of these departmental functions over to the several states and, if not practicable, over to the remaining departments of Defense, State, Treasury, and Justice. A vastly smaller and manageable federal government is far more efficient and far less costly than the obesity of government that exists today.


Eighth, I would send a bill to Congress effectively putting the elimination of ISIS and Radical Islamic extremism into the well qualified hands of the Department of Defense, with an admonition they can and must do whatever it takes to rid the entire world of this menace. I would also give them one year to complete this mission, or find other work to do if they cannot. If one is going to get rid of a “cancer”, we should start by removing the “cancerous cells”, and we need to leave this up to the experts who know far more about military strategy than the rest of us.


Ninth, I would send a bill to Congress, that would, first, build an impenetrable wall along our southern border, from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, second, put an embargo against all immigration for a period of no less than five years, and require anyone who has entered this country illegally to either, a) apply for US citizenship (which would entail taking mandatory classes in and passing English literacy tests as well as tests in the U.S. Constitution, government and citizenship), or b) be declared ineligible for employment in any trade or career. Those not wishing to do so would be deported to the countries of their origin. My Italian grandfather arrived here with twenty-five cents in his pocket and a third grade education. He learned to speak seven languages and had to pass a citizenship test in order to remain here. If he could do this, then anyone else should be able to do what this legislation proposes.


Tenth, once all of the above are enacted into law, and put into place, I would send a bill to Congress requesting that they impeach their president because, after getting all the above accomplished, I would be so tired and exhausted that I would not be able to effectively function as President of the United States, any longer.


-Drew Nickell, 9 June 2015


© 2015 by Drew Nickell, all rights reserved

Flag Day

Flag Day


Sunday, June 14th, is Flag Day- a day set aside to honor the Flag of the United States. Without any sense of clairvoyance, we can easily close our eyes and see, almost word-for-word, the news stories in print and on television, for the following day, Monday, June 15th. Some group of university students will exercise their Supreme Court-sanctioned right to tromp on, stomp on, burn and otherwise desecrate the American Flag, while another group of students- students not sanctioned by their respective faculties and administrations, will attempt to counter-protest by waving the American Flag (which on some campuses now constitutes “hate speech”, believe it or not) and tussling with the faculty-and-administration-approved flag burners. Believe it, for it is as predictable as the daily sunrise.


It can be universally assumed, by both the right and the left, that the Stars and Stripes- constructed of red, white and blue fibers- is something more than a mere piece of cloth or nylon. It is a symbol, albeit loved or loathed, of Americanism- the idea of freedom, independence and self-determination, as well as the cost of that freedom, paid several times over, in both national treasure and the blood of our soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen. Generally speaking, it is these values that are as loved by the right as they are scorned by the left, in the constant war of words exchanged between the two.

Elitists in academia, having been well-schooled in the religion (and, yes, it has become a religion) of anti-Americanism from the 1960’s radicals who flocked to academia in the 1970s, now wantonly encourage their students to view America as something to be scorned, hated and vilified, and give tacit as well as enthusiastic approval to desecration of the flag, as an expression of this anti-Americanism. In reality, these young minds who do this, will robotically recite a litany of all of the supposed sins of America’s past and present, while being willfully ignorant of all of the great things America has given and continues to give to the world. While these students bemoan America’s supposed “imperialism”, they blithely ignore American generosity- individual, governmental and, yes, corporate generosity which tangibly aids other countries in times of disaster, and ironically funds their dubious academic studies, to a degree that no other nation in the world can approach.

Talk about dogs biting the very hands that feed them!

Just once, would we like these imbeciles and their mentors to face the reality of what would occur, if the largesse of government and the wealthy patrons who they so despise suddenly dried up.

Just once, would we like to see these indoctrinated idiots, now in the third generation of anti-Americanism in the ivied lecture halls of universities across the land, see how free they would be to march in protest and burn the national flag, in many of the countries they admire- countries which guarantee none of the rights to do so. In reality, they would face long terms of imprisonment, forced labor or, worse, the gallows, a firing squad or beheading by the very same governments they so admire, because of an imaginary social justice they foolishly believe exists in those places.

Just once, would we like to see these effete elitists, tour a veterans hospital, and explain to those hospitalized there, just why it is that their missing arms and legs were supposedly sacrificed for naught, or worse.

No one, who would so easily stomp on, tromp on, or otherwise desecrate or destroy the flag they despise, would dare face any of the above scenarios, for they lack the intestinal fortitude of their own corrosive convictions to do so.

Essentially, these malcontents are nothing more than narcissistic ne’er-do-wells who only express themselves- not so much to trash a piece of cloth or nylon, but rather to shove their hatred of America down the throats of those who think otherwise. Regard them as the pathetic cowards they are, and pity them for their delusions, for by and large, they know not whence they come, nor where they would take us, if given the power to do so.

On Sunday, June 14th, we’ll celebrate Flag Day by flying the Star-Spangled Banner outside our doorstep. As an advisory to anyone who would exercise their freedom of expression to take it down and desecrate it, we want them to know that we will, in turn, be expressing our freedom to protect our home, and our flag, by summarily opening a can of good ole’ American whoop-ass should they try to do so. This is not a threat, by the way- this is privileged information, so we hope they consider themselves duly privileged.

Happy Flag Day.

-Drew Nickell, 12 June 2015

© 2015 by Drew Nickell, all rights reserved


The Slippery Slope of Unintended Consequences

The Slippery Slope of Unintended Consequences


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” – First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, 1789.


“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people” –Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, 1789.



Anyone familiar with the Constitution of the United States is doubtlessly aware of the Bill of Rights- a set of ten amendments whose purpose was to limit the power of government in the lives of people. The first of these amendments, as referenced above, in essence, guarantees the freedom of thought as well as the freedom to express such thought. While we cannot delve into the mindset of the founding fathers who believed this first amendment to be of primary importance (those that followed were set down in the order of importance), it is noteworthy that the freedom OF religion (NOT the freedom FROM religion as is often stated by contemporary “liberals”, especially those opposed to organized religion) was and is listed first and foremost, before the freedoms of speech, press, assembly and petition that follow.


Elsewhere in the constitution lies the framework of our federal government- essentially a three-part institution, with a delicate balance of powers shared by the three branches: a legislative branch (i.e. the House and the Senate) which enacts laws, an administrative branch (i.e. The President and the Cabinet) that enforces laws, and a judiciary branch (i.e. The Supreme Court) which rules on the constitutionality of laws- at least that’s the way it’s supposed to be.


With regards to the latter branch of government, specifically, it is the job of the Supreme Court to determine the constitutionality of laws, but not to violate the Constitution’s delegated powers (Tenth Amendment) and enumerated powers (Article 1, Section 8) by writing laws that do not exist. Nor does the constitution allow the Federal Government to enact laws reserved for the States. Yet, when the judiciary takes on the trappings of the legislative, then justice is the first casualty in a democracy. The second casualty is the rule of law, and the third casualty is the will of the people.


Nowhere in the Constitution, does it authorize the Supreme Court to change the meaning of specific laws as they are explicitly stated. (i.e. the Affordable Care Act, which specifically refers to “exchanges established by the States” meaning the fifty states, and NOT the state, meaning a general reference to government) . Nowhere in the Constitution does it authorize the federal government to determine what marriage is, or what constitutes marriage and, alas, who may or may not marry. Such “delegated powers” are reserved to the States in accordance with the tenth amendment.


Last week, the Supreme Court effectively overturned the Tenth Amendment by usurping these powers away from the several States, in its two rulings on ACA (ObamaCare) and on gay marriage. Some of the States have set up exchanges, some have not, and the Supreme Court has essentially said “it doesn’t matter- we will force this on all the states to operate as though the exchanges are set up”.


Likewise, some of the States have enacted laws providing for legal marriage between members of the same sex, while other States have enacted laws saying that marriage is defined as one man, one woman ( just as President Clinton’s “Defense of Marriage Act” says). Last week, the Supreme Court has effectively disintegrated the DOMA, while also taking the power away from the States (who by the way, issue marriage licenses) to make this determination- all without the constitutional authority to do so.


In the case of the latter ruling, those who support the Supreme Court’s decision cite the Fourteenth Amendment, Section One, which states:


“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”


Such an argument is fallacious and specious, because marriage is not a right, but rather a licensed enterprise, like the license to drive, or to own a pet, or to practice law or medicine, and the States hold the right to determine the requirements for licensure- not the federal government.


Worse, in doing this the Supreme Court has now opened the door for those who wish to make these same claims, as have lesbians and homosexuals, to demand marital rights for bigamists or polygamists. We are already hearing calls to force churches and synagogues, under the threats of tax exemption revocation, to either permit gays to marry, or to lose these financially imperative tax exemptions. Such moves will effectively destroy the first freedom in the First Amendment- the freedom of religion, which would be just fine with atheists and agnostics, but would trample upon the rights of believers to practice their religion as they deem fit. This is the slippery slope of unintended consequences which imperils all of us, and lays credence to the belief that we have arrived upon the dreaded point in time where our most precious and sacred rights are under attack by the special interests of the few, who would gladly take these rights away from us, and then laugh all of the way to the perdition they seek.


-Drew Nickell, 29 June 2015


© 2015 by Drew Nickell, all rights reserved

Symbolism over Substance

Symbolism over Substance


In the frenzy to remove and/or deface all things Confederate, be they flags, statues, memorials and yes, even headstones, much more is lost, than won, over these vacuous gestures. Listening to the talking heads as they bloviate through their all-too-predictable mantras, one might be led to believe the lie that were it not for the Confederate battle flag flying on the South Carolina capital grounds in Columbia, Dylann Roof would not have perpetrated the murder of nine innocent people on the evening of June 17th , in Charleston…. Yeah, right.


Turn back the clock a fortnight ago, when no one…NO ONE…was talking about the Confederate flag….or what they THINK is the Confederate flag.


The familiar banner, known during the Civil War as the Confederate Battle Flag is not, nor ever was, the flag of the Confederacy. What is erroneously referred to as the stars and bars was not that, either. The “stars and bars” was actually a flag that was based on the American flag. It had three very broad stripes, two red and one white (the bars) with a field of blue in its upper left hand corner with seven stars in a circular pattern- representing the original seven states (the stars) of the Confederacy. This flag was the original and first flag of the Confederate States of America. Show a picture of this flag to the talking heads who are most opposed to the display of the Confederate flag, and damned few of these imbeciles would raise any ruckus about it, which only goes to show that the loudest of mouths are frequently in close proximity to the smallest of brains.


Because from a distance, the original Confederate flag looked too much like the American flag (often causing friendly fire, on both sides, during the early years of the Civil War), the more familiar Battle Flag of the Confederacy with its pattern of thirteen stars arranged in a blue “x” on a red field was adopted for the purposes of battlefield identification. This pattern, set in the upper left hand corner of subsequent Confederate flags, became the second, third, and fourth official flags of the Confederacy- not unlike the state flag of Mississippi, which is still flown today in the Magnolia State.


It is altogether understandable why the Battle Flag of the Confederacy is offensive to some- particularly black Americans whose distant ancestors were slaves. It might even be understandable (this is a stretch) why the same flag is offensive to some white Americans, whose ancestors fought for the Union during the Civil War. What is not particularly so understandable is why this flag is so offensive to those who can claim neither connection- slavery nor service.


Liberals, in particular, love to “Monday morning quarterback” and thereby “second guess” the motives of people who are now long since dead- trying to apply current sensitivities of political correctness and contemporary ideas of moral right and wrong to those who struggled with divisive issues one hundred fifty years ago. They will tell you the big lie that every Confederate soldier taking up arms against the Union did so because he inherently believed in, and was willing to die for, the institution of slavery. This lie- and it’s a whopper- conveniently dismisses the fact that only one percent of those fighting for the Confederacy were slaveholders, and also conveniently dismisses the fact that thousands of black southerners fought for the South. Perhaps it is conjecture to believe that a majority of these men, too poor to own slaves, would risk their lives for an institution that did not benefit them in the least, but we seriously doubt it. Never mind explaining that to a liberal- their minds are made up that the Confederate army was the nineteenth century equivalent of the twentieth century Nazis.


It is said that history of all wars is written by the victors, and that the passage of time tends to divorce history from that which actually took place. Nevertheless it is a matter of historical record that the Civil War did not become the “war to free slaves” until January, 1863, when Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation (which, by the way, exempted the border states of Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri) was set forth. Until then, the war was about national unity versus states’ rights (the right to secede) and even the songs soldiers on both sides sang lay credence to this all but forgotten reality.


It is also amazing that so many politicos, who once celebrated Confederate flags and monuments (Mrs. Clinton, anyone?), now find it politically expedient and contemporarily convenient to jump on the “take down the flag” bandwagon. Yet, in the final analysis, people seem to forget that flags, like guns, do not and cannot kill- only evil people of all races and political persuasions can, and all-too-often do, kill- with absolutely no thought to any flag.


Today, we see that Confederate flags and Confederate monuments are coming down and being defaced, respectively. So, what is next?


Well, on many campuses across the country, academic elitists are now sounding a similar clarion call to haul down Old Glory, because they and the students they indoctrinate with prevarications and revisionist history, find that the flag of the United States is offensive- that it symbolizes American imperialism and American atrocities, and other such tommyrot as they would have us believe. They have actively encouraged desecration of the American flag and have petitioned to have it hauled down so as not to offend the all-so-precious sensitivities of those who do not respect the flag or what it stands for.


So, to all of you who wish to see a flag from the past taken down, would you be so willing to see your country’s flag, Old Glory, also taken down, because some people find that it is also offensive?


My, the crickets are chirping aloud this June, aren’t they?


-Drew Nickell. 24 June 2015

© 2015 by Drew Nickell, all rights reserved


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