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Hello, and thank you for visiting my webpage where I hope you’ll find informative and thought-provoking essays addressing the issues of our times…Just go to the search field, enter an interest and you’ll find my take on a large variety of political, historical and, even occasionally,  some  sports-related topics related to your search…

So come on in, spend a few moments and welcome…I am glad you stopped by…

-Drew Nickell, author

Drew May 2016

(About the author- A native of Richmond, Virginia who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications-Journalism at James Madison University in 1981, Drew Nickell has enjoyed writing since the age of fourteen, thanks to the encouragement he received from his seventh-grade English teacher. Most of the essays appearing on this page deal with political commentary, social commentary and, occasionally, sports. His editorials and feature articles have appeared in the Washington Post, the Richmond Times Dispatch, the (now defunct) Richmond News Leader, the Baltimore Sun, The Hill’s Congress Blog, collegiate newspapers and many on-line media pages, as well. His new book, Bending Your Ear- a Collection of Essays on the Issues of Our Times was released for sale on July 14th 2016, by Koehler Books and is currently listed on )


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