Sexual Misbehavior- the Dirty Little Secret which Permeates Throughout the Powerful

Sexual Misbehavior- the Dirty Little Secret which Permeates Throughout the Powerful

The United States, in the second decade of the twenty-first century, has become engulfed with the reality of sexual misbehavior, and is now confronted with revelations of its instances, going back four decades and beyond. The cancer of this decadence knows no bounds. It includes past presidents, the halls of congress, both Republicans and Democrats, and all departments of government on federal, state and local levels, including the judiciary. It encompasses academia, religious denominations, athletics on the college and professional level as well as theatrical, musical, broadcast and cable television, and motion picture enterprises. Its victims are usually young women and, in all-too-many instances, children both male and female.

For too many years, it has been whispered about, winked about, and cloaked within the secrecy of a culture which has aided and abetted this activity, in both its indulgence and in its omission. All the while, selective outrage has brought into question the validity of something very real- something that destroys innocent lives, ends what otherwise would be promising careers, and which metastasizes into the equally destructive emotions of denial, resignation, and, ultimately, acceptance of a misbegotten state of what is then deemed to be normal. In fact, it has almost come to be expected, which is the saddest commentary that can be made about the age in which we live.

Compounding the problem are those instances of false accusations, which honest brokers must grudgingly acknowledge exist, far and away the exception rather than the rule to be sure, but nevertheless very real. The use of moneys- private and public, to silence the accusations that should otherwise be pursued, bears witness to the fact that, all too often, the epidemic of sexual exploitation is inherently a problem of the rich and powerful, who utilize their wealth and influence to cover their awful deeds.

It is ironic that accusations of such behavior on the part of Roy Moore, the Alabama Judge who is in the final three weeks of his campaign for a seat in the U.S. Senate, has unintentionally forced the mainstream media to revisit the many accusations made against former President Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct, including forcible rape in the case of Juanita Broaddrick. These many accusations, which the mainstream media minimized, trivialized and attempted to conceal in a collusive effort to ensure his election in 1992, and his re-election in 1996, are now coming back into conversation a quarter-century later. There is no doubt that President Clinton’s wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, took an active part in attempting to destroy the reputation of her husband’s accusers, all the while pretending to be a crusader for women’s rights and defender of the most vulnerable among us. The so-called women’s movement shares in its own responsibility for giving the Clintons a pass, by mere virtue of their political party and support for abortion. Nevertheless, the hypocrisy of the women’s movement is thus exposed and can no longer be ignored by any who claim to be true supporters of women’s rights.

Unfortunately, all of the accusations against Judge Moore, true of false, may come to resemble Erwin Schrödinger’s “cat” in the unopened box, which may either be dead or alive. Since there is not enough time, to make the final determination of the truth in the matter(s) of Judge Roy Moore, prior to the special election that has been scheduled in early December, it may be the best solution to delay the election of Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat, until such time as an unencumbered and equitable election can rightly be held.

Otherwise, the good citizens of Alabama whose suffrage must decide this election, and the nation of which they are a part, might ultimately be disserved in the haste to vote for the sake of voting.

Nevertheless, the epidemic of sexual exploitation, by the rich and powerful across this country, must either be eradicated in its entirety, or it will bring about the ultimate destruction of our society, in the end.


-Drew Nickell, 16 November 2017

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