Hollywood Exposed- Days of Weinstein and Roses

Hollywood Exposed- Days of Weinstein and Roses

We somehow knew it was going to happen…eventually… certainly… finally…it just had to…

Given all of last year’s outrage about the Billy Bush tape of Donald Trump yucking it up with locker room language, all of the feminist lament about the president’s nomination and election, all of the “pink-hat” protests during his inauguration, and all of the invective hurled at the president during this year’s Emmys and Oscars award ceremonies, lo and behold…

…this year’s award for hypocrisy in the crusade for women’s rights goes to…

…the envelope please…


…specifically, the liberal, Trump-bashing, Hillary-loving, Obama-worshiping, oh-so-holier-than-thou star-studded Hollywood celebrities who like nothing better than to lecture the rest of us on how to think and vote.

Harvey Weinstein, far and away the largest individual contributor to all causes and campaigns Democrat, has now been exposed for the complete and total serial sexual predator that he is…using his power and influence to prey upon young wannabe starlets who have had to “put out” if they want the stardom they so desperately seek. Worse, come charges which are now pending for criminal sexual battery and rape, in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

Abiding Weinstein’s predilection for pursuing pretty young women, were all of the older, established stars of both sexes, who knew all along that Weinstein was a regular practitioner of “casting couch” auditions, and said nothing…nothing… about it until the you-know-what hit the fan.

Where was the outrage from those celebrities- so given to voice their disdain for the president, based largely on uncorroborated stories of Russian hotel rooms and insane innuendo, when it came to a real sexual predator from within their own industry?

Why did it take five days for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to voice their own outrage (if that is what you call it) over the public revelations of that which they must have already known, from private whispers, that Harvey Weinstein- the same Harvey Weinstein who contributed so much cash to their campaigns and causes- was doing to young starlets what both of them have been doing to the country?

“Actually, there is no way to return the cash…” – did she really say that?

Of course, Hillary Clinton is well-versed and well-practiced in the art of accepting political support from serial sexual predators who just happen to be members of her own political party, or for that matter, her own marital household.

Weinstein routinely did to young aspiring actresses what Bill Clinton did to scores of women, including Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and countless others over the years. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton- that bastion of feminist causes and all things “woman” who can rail about the insensitivities of Donald Trump’s language- that same Hillary Clinton used her commitment to women’s issues by turning around, fending off and trying to destroy the lives of those women who had fallen under her husband’s prey.

We expect this level of hypocrisy from Hillary Clinton. She is slime, after all, and we can all thank Divine Providence that she was not elected to the world’s most powerful office.

But now that Barack Obama has finally, albeit tepidly, assailed Harvey Weinstein for his transgressions (with no promise to return any cash, by the way), and watching the predictable parade of Hollywood celebrities all queueing up to join in the outrage, we now know the answer, all too well, as to why it took so long for all of them to speak out against Harvey Weinstein, and why NBC and the New York Times intentionally squashed the story when it first came out…

…it’s because, after all, at least Harvey Weinstein isn’t, God forbid, a Republican…

-Drew Nickell, 13 October 2017

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